Statement of Tang-Wei HSU

Tang-Wei Hsu (1980 born in Taiwan) obtained a BA in Architecture at the Shih Chien University and finished an MFA in Visual Arts at the Tainan National University of the Arts. His paintings begin from an imagined fantasy space extending into installation, sculpture, and public art.

He is a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship (2009) and was a residency artist in the International Studio & Curatorial Program, Brooklyn (2011).

After relocated to New York in 2011, Hsu attended many local and international exhibitions such as “Crystal Cave", ASYMMETRIK Gallery, New York (2016); “Across The Pacific”, LAM Gallery, California (2016); “On & On: Art Without End”, Mark Miller Gallery, New York (2015); Outdoor exhibitions include 4heads: GIAF, New York (2016,2013&2012); DUMBO Arts Festival, New York (2013).

As an international artist, he travels widely for varied projects and installations taking place in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Demark, Australia, the USA, and so on. In 2013, Hsu collaborated with the New York City DOT (Department of Transportation) and carried out a public art installation project: Magic Monkeys. Series sculptures were shown in Sculpture By The Sea in Denmark (2015) and Cottesloe, Sydney, Australia (2016, 2018).

From studio to gallery, to street, to museum, Tang-Wei Hsu’s work has universal appeal. Tang-Wei studied space design and plastic arts. His experience in architectural drawings has contributed to his uniqueness. Hsu has reinvented the Superflat style by infusing three-dimensional perspective into his paintings and sculptures. His art transforms us from reality to a fantasy world. Hsu’s large-scale stainless steel sculptures and the drawings of creatures (organic patterns) that he constantly composes in white and black lines, which are seen as his individual idiosyncrasy and artlang, have gradually gained him worldwide publicity.

Tang-Wei creates complex drawings as well as mixed-media installations composed of his drawings, paintings, and architectural features. He often alludes to nature in his work and interprets physical features of our universe as the stars and astronomy, either at close range or at a distance. By combining his fanciful worlds with practical architectural features, he asks us to suspend our disbelief, embrace his fantasy terrains, and enjoy them as part of our everyday surroundings.

Those works hope to produce the relationship between the miniature and enormous scale in his paintings. Different layers from the painting produced many relationships, in order to make this imaginary space or scene are fantastic as outer space, every status of every distance is compressed into the flat paintings. Also extends the new imagination and fantasy from this space, by creating some clustered symbols in an artificial way, to make it feels like some unknown biology, biological unit, and various imagination of scenes.


Internet Profiles






Solo Exhibition


“Maze Coordinates”, Beyond Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


“Crystal Cave”, ASYMMETRIK Gallery, New York

“Another World”, Solo exhibition of HSU Tang Wei & LU Hao-Yuan, Art Stage Singapore


“Observatory”, Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong


The Selection of Sketchings”, CANS Tea & Book House, Taipei, Taiwan

“Nature’s Wonderland”, ASYMMETRIK Gallery, New York


“A Crack in Time”, Beyond Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


“Indescribable Scenes”, Gallery 456, New York

“Sphere of Planetesimals – Tang-Wei Hsu ”, National Central University Art Center, Taiwan


“Evolutionism-Hsu Tang-Wei”, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei, Taiwan

“Solo Exhibition of HSU Tang-Wei & CHUNG Shun-lung”, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


“Dredging up the drift”, ITPARK Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


“Fantasy”, the Art Center of Hsinchu University of Education, Hsinchu, Taiwan


“Follower”, Sly Art, Taipei, Taiwan




Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture, Thailand


Art@Renaissance (A@R), New York


New York Art Residency & Studios Foundation (NARS), New York


The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York


Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco




“Jade Petals”, Sculpture By The Sea, Andrea Stretton Memorial Invitation, Australia


“City Carriers”, The winner of English Zine, EXPOZINE, Canada


Council for Cultural Affairs Fellowship


National Culture and Arts Foundation, Creative Subsidy

Asian Cultural Council, Artist Abroad Subsidy


Taoyuan Creative Award, First Place

Taipei Fine Art Award, Honorable Selected


Public Art


“Float Traveling”, Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, Taoyuan, Taiwan


“Youth Freestyle”, Taichung North District Sports Center, Taichung, Taiwan


“Fengyuan Pastry Sculptures”, Taichung World Flora Exposition, Fengyuan Huludun Park, Taiwan


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“Arbor of Luminous Fruit”, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan


“Welcome to the Galaxy Railway”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan


“Star Cluster”, National Health Research Institutes, Miaoli, Taiwan

Group Exhibition


“POW WOW! Long Beach”, Long Beach, CA

“Zooming In and Out of Imaginary Worlds”, Beyond Gallery, Taiwan


“stARTup LA”, Venice Beach, Los Angeles


“stARTup LA”, Venice Beach, Los Angeles

“A Land of Happiness” 2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

“Animal” National Palace Museum New Media Art exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan


“Sculpture By The Sea”, Bondi, Sydney, Australia

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“Sculpture By The Sea”, Cottesloe, Perth, Australia

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